Out: Sanctuary cities — In: Sanctuary tech corporations?

**Written by Doug Powers

It looks like Microsoft has built a plan to Resist™ Trump rescinding Obama’s executive action on DACA, at least until it does a Windows 10 impression and crashes:

Microsoft responded strongly to the Trump administration’s decision on Tuesday to move toward rescinding or replacing DACA within six months.

“There is nothing that we will be pushing on more strongly for congress to act on,” Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said in an interview with NPR. “We put a stake in the ground. We care about a tax reform bill,” Smith said, noting that the entire business community cares about one but that this needs to be settled first.

Smith added that it won’t be easy for the government to deport Microsoft employees who are DREAMers: “[The government’s] going to have to go through us to get that person,” Smith said.

A) “Dreamers” probably wouldn’t be deported if they don’t have criminal records, and B) Just who in the hell does Microsoft think they are? But at least progressives have been given a reason to throw support behind a giant corporation for at least a little while.

Just when you might be getting behind plans to ease the corporate tax burden, along comes a company like this. Apple also joined in pledging to fight back against the Trump administration. Somebody explain to these people how executive orders work (or more specifically how and why they stop working). But it’s obvious the people at Microsoft and Apple really wanted (and expected) Hillary to win last November.

**Written by Doug Powers

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