Perfect: President ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’ says something needs to be done about all the lies out there


**Written by Doug Powers

Check this out: Obama’s clarion call for Internet media truth wouldn’t be “censorship,” but rather throwing people’s opinions in some sort of state-sponsored pen of unreliability to promote the general welfare of Big Government:

President Barack Obama on Thursday decried America’s “wild, wild west” media environment for allowing conspiracy theorists a broad platform and destroying a common basis for debate.

Recalling past days when three television channels delivered fact-based news that most people trusted, Obama said democracy require citizens to be able to sift through lies and distortions.

“We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to,” Obama said at an innovation conference in Pittsburgh.

“There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world,” Obama added.
“That is hard to do, but I think it’s going to be necessary, it’s going to be possible,” he added.

“The answer is obviously not censorship, but it’s creating places where people can say ‘this is reliable’ and I’m still able to argue safely about facts and what we should do about it.”

Video here. You can be pretty sure Obama will be more than happy to volunteer to be the “curator of truth.” The Left are so confident in their settled science that those deemed untruthy must be publicly shamed or worse.

It’s both hysterically funny and maddening at the same time that the president who got the media to push “if you like your plan you can keep it” has volunteered his side to be the gold standard for arbiters of “truthiness.” The single best way Obama or Hillary Clinton could contribute to more “truthiness” would be to stop talking.

**Written by Doug Powers

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