Person with top secret gov’t clearance arrested after storing classified info at home (no, not her)

**Written by Doug Powers

This story kind of rings some bells, except for the “got arrested and might go to jail” part:

A contractor for the National Security Agency has been arrested on charges that he illegally removed highly classified information and stored the material in his house and car, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, was arrested by the FBI in August after authorities say he admitted to having taken government secrets. A defense attorney said Martin did not intend to betray his country.

The arrest was not made public until Wednesday, when the Justice Department released a 5-page criminal complaint that accused Martin of having been in possession of top-secret information.

Among the classified documents found with Martin, according to the FBI, were six that contain sensitive intelligence — meaning they were produced through sensitive government sources or methods that are critical to national security — and date back to 2014. All the documents were clearly marked as classified information, according to a criminal complaint.

I’m guessing this guy saying he didn’t “intend” to do it won’t fly, so maybe he should take it a step further and claim that he had no idea that the “(C)” stood for “classified.” Worked for Hillary!

You can always count on the White House to leave ’em laughing:

At the White House, spokesman Josh Earnest said President Barack Obama takes the situation “quite seriously. And it is a good reminder for all of us with security clearances about how important it is for us to protect sensitive national security information.”

Obama takes protecting national security info so seriously that he called the woman who didn’t take it seriously the most qualified candidate in history.

**Written by Doug Powers

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