Pompous, high-flying global warming alarmist John Kerry draws a red line on new farmland in Africa

**Written by Doug Powers
The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in DC had its moments, but perhaps none was more idiotic than John Kerry citing starvation and malnutrition statistics in Africa and using that as evidence that they need to halt the creation of new farmland to combat the global warming that’s the cause of the hunger problem, or something.

During the Africa Summit “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” panel, Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience that “8,000 children die every day” and in sub-Sahara Africa, one in four suffer from chronic hunger.
Then a few minutes later, he stressed how creating new farms would cause too much carbon pollution so they need to discourage more farm land.

(video h/t TPNN):

Instead of starting new farms, Kerry instead suggested that Africa try the sturgeon caviar at Topper’s on Nantucket because “it’s exquisite.”

**Written by Doug Powers
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