Profiles in terrible public relations, NFL-style


**Written by Doug Powers

The backlash to players kneeling during the National Anthem (and even during moments of silence for slain police officers) continues and here’s a veteran who took a stand:

Due to months of controversy over players kneeling or sitting during the national anthem before NFL games, a Navy veteran has said would not be accepting an award during any Saints game.

John Wells, a disabled veteran and executive director of Military Veterans Advocacy, was slated to receive the Peoples Health Champion award during last week’s game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against the Chicago Bears.

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” wrote Wells, according to the release. “I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails. Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it.”

The Saints responded by regretting discourse they called sad and divisive. And they were referring to the discourse from the disabled Navy veteran!

I s**t you not:

In other words, “Our organization won’t allow this veteran taking offense at players disrespecting the Anthem and moments of silence for fallen officers distract us from our work for veterans.” Stay classy! The Saints found a way to sack themselves.

Wells said yesterday that the team took the “low road” with that response, and that’s putting it politely:

**Written by Doug Powers

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