Resistance™ leader from overwhelmingly Dem district somehow putting ‘career on the line’ to oppose Trump


**Written by Doug Powers

Rep. Maxine Waters of California dreams daily of Donald Trump’s impeachment, but she’s also got a helluva sense of humor:

Speaking to a gathering organized by EMILY’s List, a pro-choice group run by women, on Wednesday, Waters, D-Calif., said she was “thrilled” by the energy and support she has received from millennials. She said because of her “resistance” to Trump, she has been “adopted” by thousands of millennials, and they call her “Auntie Maxine.”

She also celebrated a surge in support she’s received on Twitter, noting that she has jumped up from 46,000 followers to over 327,000 followers.

Despite this, Waters said she has “decided to put my career on the line.”

Yeah, Waters is taking a real gamble with her opposition to Trump in this district:

The only way Waters could jeopardize her career in that district would be to switch to the GOP or decide to lead by example on swamp draining.

**Written by Doug Powers

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