Riiight: Joe Biden doesn’t think Hillary knew WHY she was running for president

**Written by Doug Powers

Joe Biden can be funny, but he’s decided to wait until his VP tenure is almost over to break out his best material:

Vice President Biden believes Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in part because she never figured why she was running for the nation’s highest office.

“I don’t think she ever really figured it out,” Biden told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Thursday. “And by the way, I think it was really hard for her to decide to run.”

As evidence, the vice president pointed to similar concerns raised privately by Clinton allies in hacked emails that were published by Wikileaks in the midst of the campaign.

But he said it was unfair to solely blame Clinton for her loss. He said Clinton saw a noble purpose in her campaign, feeling an obligation to help pave the way for women in politics just as President Obama did for black people.

“She thought she had no choice but to run,” he said. “That, as the first woman who had an opportunity to win the presidency, I think it was a real burden on her.”

“It was really hard for her to decide to run,” especially since Hillary’s been doing it since the early 90s.

The “burden” on Hillary was a lack of ability to understand why she wasn’t reaping the fruit of what she felt she’d been entitled to for decades, and it showed:

**Written by Doug Powers

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