Steyer’s ‘impeach Trump’ petition gets LOTS of signatures, meaning… well, nothing


**Written by Doug Powers

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer has spent millions of dollars airing anti-Trump ads and is also circulating a petition calling for the impeachment of the president. The petition has over a million signatures:

California billionaire and political activist Tom Steyer has put some serious money behind impeaching Trump—and it looks like his efforts might be paying off, at least in terms of signatures.

On October 20, Steyer launched a campaign to impeach Trump, with an ad that quickly went viral and a petition to get others to join his effort. According to sources, Steyer spent “well over” ten million dollars to air the ad in all 50 states.

The efforts quickly triggered the wrath of Trump, who tweeted on Friday that “Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!”

But according to figures acquired by Axios, Steyer’s petition has already collected more than one million signatures to date—1,119,720, to be exact.

Great! Now all that has to happen is for the Constitution to be amended to include “public petitions pushed by rich party hacks” as grounds for impeachment and removal.

You don’t think Steyer’s petition has less to do with removing Trump and more to do with helping the Dems (and himself) develop a mailing list for future campaigns, do you? NAH!

**Written by Doug Powers

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