‘Take a knee’ reaches city council level

**Written by Doug Powers

It was inevitable, I suppose:

Four #a2council members #TakeAKnee during the Pledge of Allegiance at tonight’s meeting https://t.co/PIG4Uv6jHS

— Lauren(Fitch)Slagter (@LaurenSlagter) October 16, 2017

At some point the whole “take a knee” movement will grind to a halt simply because it’ll become untrendy, like designer jeans that were really cool until your parents started wearing them:

Four Ann Arbor city council members chose to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance at a meeting on Monday, Oct. 16.

Chip Smith, 5th Ward; Chuck Warpehoski, 5th Ward; Sumi Kailasapathy, 1st Ward; and Jason Frenzel, 1st Ward; moved in front of the council’s table, turned toward the flag and took a knee when it came time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance after the meeting was called to order.

Warpehoski said the move was an act of attention, concern and respect.

The “attention” part is easy to believe.

During the meeting, Kailasapathy said she knelt during the Pledge to demonstrate her commitment to upholding democratic values.

“For me, taking a knee is also showing solidarity with the group of people who have been doing this at the national level,” she said.

The council members apparently wanted to show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, and they’re now just like him, at least in the sense that none of the above are currently playing professional football.

**Written by Doug Powers

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