Team Hillary successfully convinces Al Gore to spearhead millennial basement dweller outreach

**Written by Doug Powers

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s having some trouble connecting with “millennials”:

In order to bring more young people on board, Team Hillary’s been trying to convince Al Gore to put his millennial heartthrob cred on the line in order to campaign for Hillary Clinton even though she’s nearly a half-year older than he is, and it looks like the Goracle has agreed:

Former Vice President Al Gore is hitting the campaign trail, and will try and use his favorite issue to convince young people to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Gore, 68, has been on the sidelines most of this election cycle, despite serving as former President Bill Clinton’s two-time running mate. Gore didn’t endorse Clinton until the Democratic convention in July, which he did not attend.

Clinton hopes Gore will use his global warming credentials to rally millennials around her campaign. Clinton’s struggled to gain traction among younger voters, but hopes their concern about global warming will convince them to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Gore has agreed to use the private jet if necessary to meet with millennials in as many of their parents’ basements as it takes to convince them that eventually the sump pumps will be overwhelmed by rising waters due to climate change unless they go out and vote for Hillary.

**Written by Doug Powers

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