There’s a buried lede in this Trump/Obamacare shocker

**Written by Doug Powers

Hey, isn’t it amazing what a government mandate can accomplish with very little promotional effort!

ObamaCare signups set new record despite Trump slashing promotion budget by 90 percent:

— The Hill (@thehill) November 7, 2017

The Hill is making a point here, but I’m not sure it’s the one they think it is:

A record number of people signed up for ObamaCare in the first few days of open enrollment this year compared to the same period in previous years, several sources close to the process told The Hill.

The surge in sign-ups, which was confirmed by an administration official, comes despite fears from Democrats that enrollment would fall off due to the Trump administration’s cutbacks in outreach and advertising.

Buried lede: Government spending to advertise something people are required by law to purchase is a waste of taxpayer money.

**Written by Doug Powers

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