Transparency update: Hillary’s aide ignores House subpoena; Guys who scrubbed email take 5th

There was a House Oversight Committee hearing today on Hillary Clinton’s deleted email and basement server. Hillary’s IT aide Bryan Pagliano was served a subpoena to appear, and he obviously was eager to get his side of the story out. Here’s Pagliano at the hearing: Clinton cloaking device, activate! Pagliano was a no-show in spite of the subpoena, but I fully expect his excuse to be that he came down with pneumonia. Maybe he figures that since it’s very likely his record for pleading the 5th won’t likely soon be broken there was no reason to show off even more. Two men with Platte River Networks, the company that operated Hillary’s homebrew server, also took the 5th:
Two officials from Denver-based Platte River Networks appeared before the committee but invoked their constitutional right not to testify. Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta were excused from the session. In June 2013, after Clinton had left office, the server was moved from her Chappaqua, New York, home to a data center in northern New Jersey, where it was maintained by the Platte River Networks.
Combetta deleted emails from Clinton’s server after Congress ordered them to be preserved, and he also has an immunity deal with the Justice Department. But he’s still not talking. Hillary’s doctor might want to consider the possibility that she might be having so much trouble breathing because the other people living above the law with her are sucking up all remaining oxygen. At least one person DID testify, and that’s Justin “hammer time” Cooper, another former Hillary aide who destroyed Clinton’s mobile devices. For anybody not named “Clinton,” this might present a problem:
Unreal. Cooper also confirmed that “attempts” were made to hack the server:
Cyber intruders attempted “brute force” hacking attempts against Hillary Clinton’s email server with “some frequency,” the man who set up and helped maintained the system told Congress on Tuesday. Justin Cooper said he was paid by both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton family itself and he helped manage the email accounts, though he said Bryan Pagliano, who worked for the State Department, was responsible for the main operations.
As for Cooper being “paid by the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton family itself,” following the money trail on that leads straight to taxpayers footing the bill. At the hearing, as usual, Rep. Elijah Cummings proved why the Democrats always claim they’re the party that fights for the “little people” by aggressively defending the FBI, Clinton machine and IRS. Just for a closing laugh, here’s Hillary jumping into her own basket of deplorables with this transparency whopper:
**Written by Doug Powers Twitter @ThePowersThatBe