Triggered or Treat: Univ. of Florida offers counseling for anybody offended by Halloween costumes

**Written by Doug Powers

Trump costumes alone are sure to send at least a dozen hyperventilating special snowflakes to the hospital this Halloween at the University of Florida:

The University of Florida is offering counseling to anyone who gets offended by any costumes worn this coming Halloween.

The school wrote in a blog post Monday urging students to “think about your choices of costumes and themes.”

“Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.
The school reminded students that anyone who is offended or troubled by an incident or a costume, they could seek counseling at the wellness center or alert the school’s Bias Education Response Team which provides support to those who were impacted.

“If you are troubled by an incident that does occur, please know that there are many resources available. Please take advantage of the 7 day a week presence of the U Matter, We Care program at the University of Florida by emailing [email protected]. Additionally, there is a 24/7 counselor in the Counseling and Wellness Center available to speak by phone.”

Campus “safe spaces” will be CROWDED this Halloween.

Stock response to crap like this:

**Written by Doug Powers

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