Trump team’s inquiry has some at the Dept. of Energy sweating carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, taxpayer-funded buckets


**Written by Doug Powers

Is there anything more nauseating that the stench of entitlement that emerges from an entrenched bureaucracy that feels threatened?

Donald Trump’s transition team wants the Energy Department to provide the names of any employees who have worked on President Barack Obama’s climate initiatives — a request that has current and former staffers fearing an oncoming “witch hunt.”

The president-elect’s team sought the information as part of a 74-point questionnaire that also asked for details about how DOE’s statistical arm, the Energy Information Administration, does the math on issues such as the cost-effectiveness of wind and solar power versus fossil fuels. POLITICO obtained the document Friday, after Trump’s advisers sent it to the department earlier in the week.

The questions are just the latest sign that Trump is feeling out ways to undo Obama’s environmental agenda, in which DOE has played a major role through actions such as issuing billions of dollars in loan guarantees to green-energy projects backed by companies such as Google and Tesla.
“Sounds like a freaking witch hunt,” one former DOE staffer wrote in an email.

The climate change alarmist mindset is a thing to behold. Don’t believe there should be sequels to Solyndra? You’re a dangerous “denier” who, according to some, should be sent to prison in the name of saving the planet. But and make sure tax dollars are being spent wisely and not wasted on crony-capitalist eco-shams, and it’s a “WITCH HUNT!”

When “the Bobs” show up to question EPA and DoE workers, this’ll be the scene:

**Written by Doug Powers

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