Uh oh, the Most Qualified Candidate in U.S. History™ appears to have developed an allergic reaction to lying

**Written by Doug Powers

The FBI discovered that somebody on Team Clinton used BleachBit to permanently scrub thousands of Hillary’s emails just three weeks after the New York Times first reported on the use of a private server. Yesterday, Clinton took a couple of questions from an otherwise enamored press aboard her plane, and was asked about BleachBit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Most Qualified Candidate in History™ was completely unaware of anything:

“I don’t know anything about that,” she said after being asked about it by a reporter on her plane. “That was not something that I was aware of, and I think that the facts point out that there was no connection. It wasn’t something that, as far as I understand, that was related.”

Soon after, Hillary displayed symptoms of an allergic reaction to lying:

The same day, at a rally in Cleveland, she had more lying allergies, and even a few sips from a giant tumbler filled to the brim with vodka water and a Ricola chaser didn’t help:

It’s becoming chronic. Hillary might want to try telling the truth just once to see if it makes the cough go away (she won’t though because it would also make her candidacy go away).

**Written by Doug Powers

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