Unity: GOP supports Nancy Pelosi in her fight to remain a Dem leader

**Written by Doug Powers

Nancy Pelosi’s pushing back against a few Democrats who seem to be recognizing that doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result might not be a good long-term strategy:

Nancy Pelosi is shrugging off the calls from within her own party that she step down as House Minority Leader.

Ever since Jon Ossoff‘s failed effort to win the special election in Georgia, Pelosi has taken fire from colleagues who say that her leadership has led to too many Democratic Party setbacks. During a press conference today, Pelosi said she was “proud of the unity” within the party, and that her colleagues were welcome to “have [their] fun,” and say what they will whenever they discuss her in TV interviews.

“I love the arena. I thrive on competition and I welcome the discussion, but I am honored by this,” Pelosi said.

When Pelosi was asked if it was time for new House Democratic caucus leadership, she said she was “very confident” with her levels of support, and that “my timing is not about” her critics.

“We are paving a way for a new generation of leadership,” Pelosi said. “Again, I respect any opinion that my members have, but my decision about how long I stay is not up to them.”

At a press conference, Pelosi was asked to compliment herself and she ran with it:

The video cut off, but she’s still in the process of praising herself.

The Republicans are standing by Pelosi, for obvious reasons:

Few have done more to elect Republicans than @NancyPelosi. Thank you! #StandWithNancy https://t.co/do8Pw01uid

— NRCC (@NRCC) June 22, 2017

“Bipartisanship” at last!

**Written by Doug Powers

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