WaPo fact check rates Tim Kaine’s ‘silencer’ lie less untrue because of his ignorance


**Written by Doug Powers

Sorry, but I couldn’t think of a more accurate way to title this post. However, before any of the real ridiculousness starts, watch a short video here to see just how “silent” a suppressor makes an automatic weapon.

With that in mind, U.S. Senator, uber weasel and Hillary’s ex running-mate Tim Kaine is helping out the the lib narrative to sound the alarm about something that didn’t even play a role in Las Vegas: Suppressors:

“He was only stopped finally because he did not have a silencer on his weapon. And the sound drew people to the place where he was ultimately stopped. Can you imagine what this would have been if he had silencers on these weapons?”

Did you catch that? What an argument. Kaine’s the kind of guy who would have responded to the Nice, France attack by saying “he was only stopped because he wasn’t driving a quieter truck.”

Anyway, back to the real world: Suppressors don’t really work long, if at all, with automatic weapons:

“Back in the day, when we had silencers … you could screw a brand-new silencer on a weapon, and maybe the first two rounds were really suppressed,” Satterly said. “Once you shoot the baffles out” — the rings of rubber that absorb energy in the suppressor — “the sound is almost the same.” As you shoot, in other words, the suppressor loses its effectiveness. Satterly was referring to a handgun, not an automatic weapon. An automatic weapon creates so much heat that it rapidly deteriorates the effectiveness of sound suppression (or simply melts it).

The Washington Post’s fact check found a way to make Kaine’s claim (echoed by other agenda-driven Dems such as Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel’s social issues monologue writer Chuck Schumer) not a total lie — only two out of a possible four Pinocchios:

Kaine should be more careful when talking about weapons, especially during a national tragedy. We will accept his staff’s explanation that he meant that silencers muffle a gunshot’s source, even though his phrasing certainly sounded like he meant that silencers actually made firearms quiet. Regular readers know we don’t try to play gotcha here at The Fact Checker.

But in any case, the evidence does not support Kaine’s claim that the shooter was “only stopped” because he did not have suppressors on his weapons. That’s exaggerated and could leave a misleading impression on people only familiar with silencers in the movies. The crowd under attack might have had trouble establishing the location of the shooter if he had silencers, but he fired from a hotel filled with guests who almost certainly would have heard 132 decibels from the floors above and below the attack.

In other words, the WaPo fact check avoided ruling Kaine’s BS a four Pinocchio lie because they believe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. No, Kaine knows full well that he’s lying his ass off but if the media wants to dismiss that as a “misspeak” it only solidifies their “hack” cred.

In the end, the title of the video, uploaded by the Washington Post, says it all:

**Written by Doug Powers

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