Yowza: USA Today confirms why media and gun tutorials are a toxic mix


**Written by Doug Powers

It’s a certainty that when the mainstream media tries to offer tutorials about guns, they end up looking like such clowns that they get job offers from the Shrine Circus. Check out USA Today’s animated graphic about the gun used by the Sutherland Springs, Texas mass murderer along with attachments they think he could have used:

A look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting. https://t.co/xdxIf5fR77 pic.twitter.com/sUY1mCCLZC

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) November 8, 2017

Did you catch this doozy?

I think I saw Chainsaw Bayonet open for Motorhead in ’78.

USA Today then tried to walk it back:

To clarify, the video shows both the shooter’s modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) November 8, 2017

Tweet that should have been sent: “Yeah, we’ve seen way too many zombie movies.”

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**Written by Doug Powers

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